Large Lead for Leader of MSR Men Finishers

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Men's division saw Rick Lader beat the field by nearly a minute as the crowds cheered him on.
Lader grabbed first running a pace off a close 5 minute mile to claim his first ever Midnight Sun Run title.
Behind Lader was Ryan Normand and Tristan Sayre, as Lader finally reached the top after finishing second in 20-15.
He also took first in the Seattle Marathon last November, and had a strong career in his days at Cornell University.
Lader took first in a time of 32 minutes and 3 seconds and credited the crowds on the sides of the course pushing him to finish the race.
For Lader, it was after 5 kilometers that it started to hit him, but the people cheering pushed him to a new level.

"I broke it open early because I knew cause this is such a competitive race so I wasn't really sure who was going to be in town so I didn't want to chance anything until the last mile so I just ran hard from the beginning and I had some rough spots but all the crowd in the streets they reall kept me going all the way to the finish so." said Lader

Lader and Kramer took first, as the next race here in the Interior is the North Pole Triathlon at Chena Lakes on Saturday.
They will swim 1500 meters, 40 kilometers on bikes, and 10 kilometers on their feet.
And the Sgt. Brandt Run from the Cops race will be on Saturday as well.