Isaac Minnema helps Monroe take down Nikiski on Homecoming Night

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Isaac Minnema, the starting senior safety for the Monroe Catholic Rams outscored the Nikiski Bulldogs on his own, showcasing his special talent during homecoming night.
Minnema took back two pick sixes, to help the Rams beat Nikiski 22-6.
On a night where Monroe's offense struggled to generate offense due to their own turnover mistakes, coughing it up 5 times, Minnema stepped up on the defensive end to snag three interceptions in the contest.
Along with Josh Gray laying out the wood and Alex Van Whye disrupting on the outside edges, the Rams got one of their better defensive performances of the year.
Gray also paced the Rams with 131 yards on the ground.
Minnema spoke on claiming victory on homecoming night.
"Oh, nothing like it- nothing like it. We're very aggressive, ready to play ready to win. Well we started out in man, and number 11 made some phenomenal plays so we switched it over the zone and free safety; I just love playing it. I know how to read quarterback, so they put me in a zone and it just worked. It just gets better from here. It just gets better from here. We're ready to play. We're ready to play."
"This man balled tonight."
The Rams improve to 4-2 and have matchup against their conference foes in the Redington Huskies, as that game will be at 1 P-M on Saturday.