Iron Dog's Fate Unknown

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The future is unknown for the beloved Iron Dog race here in Alaska, after the official Facebook page released a statement regarding what is to come.
And it started with the resignations of John Wilke and Skip Boomershine.
Both men resigned as Iron Dog Board of Directors, and the race itself also saw its title sponsor drop two years ago.
But the bigger travesty that lies ahead is the Tuesday vote that will be held by the remaining board members to whether or not have the race run in 2019.
This isn't to cancel the race entirely, as stated in the post they want to reintroduce the 2020 race under quote "Stronger, better and more inclusive" end quote.
They are also looking to make it more transparent.
They are also looking for feedback from the community through a survey, which you can do on their Facebook page.
You can find it by looking up Iron Dog on Facebook.