Iron Dog's Executive Director Steps Down From Role

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After 7 years of running the race, Iron Dog Executive Director, Kevin Kastner, is stepping down and will be taking a new job down in the Lower 48.

Kastner is a professional Motorsports Marketing, event, and Sponsorship development Executive who came to the Iron Dog Race in 2010.

His 7 years on the job have led to an increase in sponsorships, the amount of racers, the size of the purse, and the overall visibility of the race.
Under Kastner, the race has seen national TV Coverage, student exchange programs, X-Games style events in Anchorage, an official Iron Dog Edition Ski-Doo Snowmachine and a growing audience.

Kastner will continue to do what he loves as he has taken a job with a reputable racing company down in the Lower 48.

The Iron Dog is still expected to be held next year for the 35th anniversary of the race, starting with a series of pre-race events on February 13th 2018.
The Race will start on February 17th down in Anchorage and finish here in Fairbanks.
The Board has begun their search for a new Executive Director for the Iron Dog.