Interior athletes competed in the Glennallen Invitational this past weekend

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - This past weekend down in Glennallen, some of our interior athletes were competing in the Glennallen Invitational.
The Lathrop Malemutes took the 103 thanks to Jeremy Bockert, while Kai Chen grabbed the 112 for the West Valley Wolfpack.
Carter Barney took the bronze for the Wolfpack in the 125, and Jacob Groves finished in fourth for the Hutchison Hawks in the 119.
The Wolfpack were successful in the 130 and the 135, as Bo Turner and Freddy Matheson got second and third, while Devon Truelove and Ben Conn got the third and fourth.
The Malemutes secured the 140 thanks to Kobe Ames, while West Valley had Isaac Coon and take second and B Davis finish in fourth for the 145.
The 152 title saw Allen Holland of the Wolfpack get the silver, while Nathan Kisgen grabbed the gold for Lathrop in the 160 and Ian Arnold for West Valley ended up in fourth.
Seth Breismeister took the bronze in the 171 for Hutch, while Colton Guptil and Andrew Holman grabbed second and third in the 189.
Lathrop then got a pair of bronzes in the 215 and 285 thanks to Ramon Gloria and Prestyn Rayburn.
West Valley on the other hand had Shaun Conwell take the 285 gold and Jake Golden ended up in fourth in the 215.
Conference tournaments start this weekend with the MAC tourney in North Pole and the Denali Conference playing in Su Valley.