In this week's Beyond the Scoreboard, we meet Aushanti Potts-Woods who is looking to change the culture for the Alaska Nanooks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In this week's Beyond the Scoreboard, we met up with Aushanti Potts-Woods of the Alaska Nanooks men's basketball program and how this college guard is on a mission to make Alaska a winning program.
Aushanti Potts-Woods is a junior guard on the Alaska Nanooks, who is already making a name for himself off the bench with stellar play and clutch shots.
He's already hit a buzzer beater this season when Potts-Woods put the dagger in the Cal State Dominguez Hills.
His mission? Is to turn the Nanooks program around.
"Turn this record around, turn it into a winning record and just go strong during league play. Finish at the top half of the group and just change the culture around here honestly. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect cause I never been to Alaska, I didn't know how cold it would be. I didn't know what players would be there, I didn't do any research. I knew Coach Jesse since I've been in high school, so that was part of my decision when I came up here," said Potts-Woods.
Potts-Woods is part of a group of players that Greg Sparling brought in near the end of the offseason when he was hired to coach the Nooks.
"We had a short time to put a team together, I mean they had nine guys back and we had to go out and find some guys, fortunately in the N-WAC there's some guys still left, that's the Northwest Community College down there in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We were fortunate to find some guys that were considered late," said Sparling.
Potts-Woods comes all the way from Tacoma Washington, and played for North Idaho College last season, but him it's too far for his mother.
"My mom wasn't too happy, just cause it is so far she doesn't like me being that far away. I told her I got to do what I've got to do. Take advantage of this opportunity," said Potts-Woods.
And Potts Woods is ready for the rivalry between the Seawolves and the Nanooks.
"We're going to have to change things around here. Anchorage has been winning a lot lately, but we're looking to change that this year, so it's looking to be a great year," said Potts-Woods.
Aushanti and the Nanooks play host to the Anchorage Seawolves on Saturday, at 2 PM.