Iditarod Dog Drug Testing Changes Rules for Next Race

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Iditarod Trail Committee Board of Directors voted this past Friday to make changes to its rules after several dogs were tested positive for prohibited substances.
According in a statement made by them, that all of the digs that tested positive came from a single musher.
Chas Saint George who is the spokesperson for the Iditarod, wouldn't reveal who the musher was, but they did state that they couldn't disqualify the musher from race due to the 2017 rules because they couldn't prove the musher's intent.
The revised rule now states that if a sled dog tests positive, the musher has to go in front of a review panel and prove with clear and convincing evidence that the positive tests resulted from beyond their control.
There is also another part of the revised rule states that if a musher tampers with another teams dogs to impact the drug tests that they could be disqualified and/or banned from the last great race.