Ice Dogs Struggle at Home

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Ice Dogs had a rough start to their home opener series against the Minnesota Magicians, as they lost in a shootout and a two goal loss.
In the shootout loss, they faced a two-Oh deficit in the first period, but erased that in the third to force overtime.
In the second, Caleb Hite knocked in his fourth goal, while Nolan Schaeffer hit his first goal of the season to help push O-T.
However, they struggled to score on the Magicians in the overtime period, and Bram Scheerer knocked in the shootout goal to give Minnesota the win.
In the five to three match, the Ice Dogs went down by four goals after their defense struggled in the second period.
Caleb Hite came alive as he tried to put the team on his back, scoring three straight goals on his way to a hat trick and make it a one point game.
At one point, Hite scored a goal on his own with no assist from his teammates.
However, late in the third the Magicians put the game away.
With the two losses, it dropped the Ice Dogs record to seven-three-and two with 16 points, while the Magicians are now six-three-and two with 14 points.