Ice Dogs Set to Face the Minotauros

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Ice Dogs will be opening their home series against the Minot Minotauros in a match up between the Midwest and Central Divisions.
The Ice Dogs are 10-5-3, 23 points in the division, while sitting in third place.
They need a better performance from their goalies to climb back into the top of the division race.
For Minot, they are seven-nine-and one with 15 points, and they are last in the Central.
Here are the keys to the game for the Minotauros.
First, get Miroslav Mucha open on power plays.
Mucha has been part of seven power play goals this season, while scoring 11 goals to help Minot stay in their games.
Look for Minot to keep him close towards the top to keep the passing lanes unclogged.
Second, start Jack Robbel.
Robbel has been the better of the two rookies in the net for Minot, and his stats back it up.
A 91.3 save percentage, a three-and-three record, and only giving up 2.39 goals a game.
Start him, and the Minotauros have a better chance to win.
Lastly, be aggressive on power plays.
The Ice Dogs have recently become extremely aggressive in penalty kill situations, which leaves some holes open to attack.
However, if a team decides lag back, then they could be swallowed by the onslaught that Fairbanks will be bringing.
Minot will need to also spread the puck around to avoid the defense.
Here are the keys to the game for the Ice Dogs.
First, continue to attack with Vanska.
Erkka Vanska showed a new wrinkle to their penalty kill defense, by not sitting back and allowing the offense to come to them.
Vanska kept attacking, which normally would leave gaping holes in the defense, however he has the speed to cover most gaps in their team.
Second, show more confidence in Logan Neaton.
After the shelling that the Ice Dogs got against Bismarck, they put Neaton in for the second game, and he delivered.
Neaton has only given up one-point-eight-eight goals a game, with a save percentage of 91 percent.
Going forward, the Ice Dogs might have a legitimate one-two punch in the goal with him and Josh Benson working together.
Lastly, overturn the first game jitters.
For some reason, in a recent trend the Ice Dogs will lose their first game of a series, and then return with a win.
Why not start with a win.
This series begins at 7:30 PM at the Big Dipper Ice Arena on Friday.