Hutch takes down Monroe Baseball before the storm

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Before the rain and snow made its way to the Interior, the Hutchison Hawks and the Monroe Catholic Rams started their baseball matchup a lot sooner to beat the storm.
The Hawks were able to squeeze out a 2-1 victory over the Rams at Growden Park, thanks to Isaac Roehl's pitching and Landon Bicknell-Long's go-ahead RBI in the top of the seventh.​
Bicknell-Long got a hit off of Gabe Silas who pitched a complete game for Monroe, which included him striking out six batters, to bring the game winning run.​
The defense for Hutch was outstanding in the infield, getting quick outs off of grounders.​
Roehl ended his night with a complete game and had seven strikeouts.​
Roehl and Bicknell-Long spoke after the game about getting the win for Hutch.

"We're looking great, put a lot of heart into it and stuck it through. I've been doing that since freshman year and I'm used to it. He always says to do what you do. We are going to keep doing what we're doing. We've been working out, staying in the gym and staying fresh and keeping my arms loose," said Roehl. ​
"It felt really good, I just got up to the bag and you know I just have to hit the ball to win the game for the team."​
"It's the best so far at the start of the year and I really hope it keeps getting better, but I think we played a really solid game. And that's what won us the game. First year so far so good. I can't wait for the next four years, and I just think that we stick with what we are doing right now we are going to pull through and we might win state," said Bicknell-Long.