Hockey Club Fairbanks Holding Girl's Program Tryouts This Saturday

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Down at the UAF Patty Center, there was a town hall style meeting to bring up the Girl's hockey here in Fairbanks was put on the Hockey Club Fairbanks.

The event was to help establish the Girl's hockey programs and the coaches involved.
The girls and their families were given information, testimonies on the history of girl's hockey, and the programs being offered this year.

One of the big points was announcing the girls' assessment and tryouts happening this weekend.

From August 20th to the 22nd at the UAF Patty Ice, girls in Fairbanks can try and earn a spot on the national teams for hockey.
For the assessments in 10 under and 12 under teams, there will be no cost involved.
However, for the 14 under, 16 under, and the 19 under teams, there will be a $75 fee per player.
It will be a 5:30 PM start for the younger girls, and 6:45 PM start for the older teams.

Dorothy Laiti, the administrator for the Girl's hockey, spoke about the sport.

"Well a lot of people think that because you know how to play hockey that you can coach hockey. And I just don't think that's true. It's a whole skill that you have to be able to communicate with kids. Communicating with girls is entirely different than boys. I've been involved with girl's hockey for a long time. My Daughter was just playing D-1 Hockey. And we've got Aunts playing women's hockey. And we've just been involved for a long time. So I've seen what it's done for the community just to be able to have a program to foster good hockey players. That's what we're hoping to do this year."