Goldpanners avenges losses to Seattle Studs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Goldpanners finally were able to avenge their losses to the Seattle Studs, who closed out their final match of the series in Washington.
The Panners were able to take the final game 11-5, after lighting up the scoreboard on 2 different occasions.
They scored 5 runs in the third, while knocking in 4 in the 8th, putting the Studs away.
Both Hunter Lessard and Nyles Nygaard combined for 5 hits and 6 RBIs.
Toby Davis did enough to keep the Studs at bay, giving up only 5 runs in his 7 innings of work.
He gave up 8 hits, and struck out 6 batters, while Donovan Ramirez came in for relief to snuff out Seattle's offense getting 2 strikeouts in 2 innings of work.
The Panners are now on a much needed break until the softball all-star match on Saturday, and facing the Fairbanks all-stars next week.
They then face the Ventura Pirates here in town on July 12th for a series.