Goldpanners Hosted a Double-header Against Golden Heart All Starts

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Over the weekend, the Alaska Goldpanners hosted a double-header exhibition against the Golden Heart All Stars at Growden Park.
Fun fact, no baseball, but softball was played on a very warm Saturday evening.
With most exhibition matches, there were no scores, but the Panners got to face off against the All-Stars from the city of Fairbanks.
The Panners next match is also an exhibition against the Fairbanks All Stars before their series against the Ventura Pirates.
That is a 7 game series starting on July 12.
On this Sunday, Alaska will also have a double-header.
The Panners then play their last home series against the San Francisco Seals from the 19th through the 24th.
They then will play a pair games down South against the Alaska Baseball League.
Then in August, they will be down in Washington for a game against the Highline Bears and then head to Wichita, Kansas to participate in the National Baseball Congress Tournament on August 3.