German volleyball team plays in Fairbanks as part of tour through Canada, Alaska.

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) A youth volleyball program from Germany spent three years raising the funds to travel from their country to compete in volleyball matches across Canada and Alaska. The group of girls took on the C-team and JV programs for the West Valley Wolfpack, as they used the universal language of sports to communicate with each other.

"The other players, they are very different." said Fighting Beavers' Head Coach Petra Kerl. "In Germany it's more strict. Like stand here, stand there. Here it's more lively."

What is remarkable is that these girls get the once in a lifetime opportunity to play their favorite sport in another country.

"I think if then can be a grandma and the grandchild is sitting on her knee then they think about this trip and tell them. I think it's unbelievable and very awesome for them. After the trip we have a diary and a film because they can have a look and dream of and thinking it was so big for them." said Kerl.

The last time this program was in Fairbanks, they played at Lathrop in 2014.

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