Erik Largen spoke about New Recruiting Class for Nanook Hockey

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Erik Largen has ushered in the new era for the Alaska Nanooks hockey program with their new recruiting class, which includes some international flair, brothers being reunited, and the NAHL making a big impact on the Fairbanks team.
Largen is bringing in 5 defenseman, 4 forwards, and one goaltender, adding up to 10 players in this freshmen class.
The NAHL is represented in this group with Caleb Hite and Sam Ruffin coming over from the Fairbanks Ice Dogs.
They are also bringing Jordan Muzzillo from the Springfield Jr. Blues, a large defenseman who can lay out a hit on the boards.
They also added the championship winning goalie from the Shreveport Mudbugs getting Gustavs Grigals.
Both him and Antti Virtanen represent a group from across the world, with Grigals hailing from Latvia, while Virtanen calls Finland home.
The current roster for the Nanooks have 4 seniors in the class, with Jack Weiss, Chad Staley, Ryker Leer, and Nikolas Koberstein.
Then they have 9 juniors, with Troy Van Tetering, Tristan Thompson, Anton Martinsson, Kyle Marino, Colton Leiter, James LeDouche, Kylar Hope, Niko DellaMaggiore, and Tyler Cline.
And for their sophomores, they have Justin Young, Tony Rehm, Max Newton, Brennan Blaszczak, and Steven Jandric.
Speaking of Jandric, the Nooks also added his brother Chris, which Coach Largen spoke on that exact point today.

"Yeah, I know, so both Steven and Chris committed together, Steven you know was the older brother so obviously coming in a year earlier and Chris is a smart defenseman and you know good on the power play. He should be a guy that's going to be a horseback for us for four years so we're really excited about it and obviously Fairbanks has had a lot of success with brothers in the past, you had the Kinnelson brothers, you've had the Lease, you've had some brother combinations in the past and I think the Jandrics are going to be one of the best to come through here."