Despite the smoke, runners take on the 29th Spruce Tree Classic

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2019 Spruce Tree Classic was full of smoke, but that didn't stop the runners taking on the nearly seven mile course.
In the women's division, the race came down to about .01 seconds between Naomi Bailey and Melissa Lewis.​
Bailey took home the victory, but by the skin of her teeth with a run time of 50 minutes and 37 seconds.​
Lewis took home second while third went to Kerri Garcia.​
Bailey spoke about barely getting first.​
"Very hot, and first half I was kind of going easy and then I don't know her name but that lady started. In the second half we kept trading places, she was so fast, so yeah,"​ said Bailey.
Dayan Mitchell won the men's divsion, outrunning the field by around three minutes.
Mitchell finished with a time of 47 minutes and 59 seconds.​
Benjamin Eger grabbed the silver, while William Mitchell took home third.​
Dayan spoke after the race about the difference between street and cross country courses.​
"So running through trails you have a lot of ups and downs. Which means you've got to put it to downhills. You really got to push it uphills too. On the street races it's just flat the whole time I felt pretty good the first half, then a little worse the second half. Basically keep pushing the pace, work my time down mostly in the 5K, but just keep pushing the pace," Mitchell.
Up next on the agenda is the 34th annual Independence Day 5K on July 4 at 10 A.M.
This race is set to start at Pioneer Park on Thursday.​