Derrick Johnson, Milton Richards Interviewed for UAF Athletic Director Position

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University of Alaska Fairbanks is in the midst of interviews with 3 candidates for the athletic director position.
They are holding public forums as part of the process.
We first start with the candidate from Friday, as Derrick Johnson stepped up to the plate trying to show why he is the man for the job.
Johnson, who was recently at Elizabeth City, came forward with a strong athletic approach, stating that all sports at some point could be competing in post season play.
Johnson touched on subjects like fan attendance and getting the faculty to understand athletics at the university.
This is certainly a top priority for the Nanooks, who have struggled with low attendance for a while now.
Johnson also targeted the idea that getting students to come here and graduate should be very important.
One of his bigger points was stating that a staff that cares about the athletics and athletes would operate better.

Derrick Johnson: "No one wants to become a millionaire at this level, they do these things because they genuinely love the students. It's not about; obviously we all have to have a way to make a living. But when you have a staff that genuinely operates because of their love and their passion for athletics, and their love and their passion to see successful student athletes that's attractive to me and that's why I applied."

Last night was the second candidate, which was Milton Richards.
Richards was recently retired, after serving at Simon Fraser University, the only NCAA school in Canada.
Richards came from the standpoint that the athletic director needed to be flexible.
One of his biggest points is that coaching plays a large part on the community and on the team itself.
He said that he doesn't expect winning all the time, but wants to see growth.
Richards during his presentation said that he operates by coming in and fixing situations.
Stating he did that at West Virginia, Temple and Simon Fraser.
But to him, seeing a student come up to him later and say that he helped them out means a lot to him.

Milton Richards: "Especially car dealers love getting their name out there. I mean you're are a pretty good sport.
I think what best things is to watch a student athlete come in as a freshman and watch them develop over four years. Graduate and do things, for me I've been very fortunate I didn't really think about this till a little while ago, I had a lot of young people come work for me as interns and they're now athletic directors. That's kind of neat. You know I go to some conferences and someone says hey he got me my start. That's kind of neat."