Comp and freshmen players can now play high school hockey

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The ASAA made some big changes to high school hockey, as they are now allowing comp and freshmen players to play.
There are special parameters set to this new rule for comp players, but the inclusion of them could help bolster rosters.​
One of those special conditions is that a player can't play a high school game on the same day that they practice for comp.​
Also this will be the first time a freshman can play for high school ice hockey.​
West Valley Activities Coordinator Wayne Sawchuk, who brought the proposal before the board, spoke about the new changes.
"Well I think the big one is going to be allowing freshmen to be able to participate all the way through the year so all ninth graders can be able to participate. Another thing is allowing comp teams to play Sundays and Mondays up until Martin Luther King Day weekend and they can play games there where they weren't allowed to before. They'll still have their open period during Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break and then also there are some big tournaments outside that teams like to attend so they'll be able to do a dual participate until the first high school game which probably for most schools that falls in like November 4th or 5th. So we hope this can be a way to work with the comp community, I definitely see both sides and they can both co-exist and hopefully this is a step in the right direction," said Sawchuk.