Brown Bears back in business

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KENAI, Alaska (KXDF) - The Kenai River Brown Bears announced Monday that the team will request reactivation to the NAHL League Board of Governors, and Tuesday the board voted unanimously to re–instate the team

The Bears had to go inactive in February due to financial struggles.

In March, a small group led by Steve Stuber made it their mission to gather the funds to save the team. The group had to raise $300,000 by April 15, a feat which many thought was impossible. However, the group was able to raise a remarkable $12,000 per day on average to raise the $300,000 in 25 days.

The presentation to the Board of Governors did not only focus on the money they raised to save the team, they also focused on the community and the volunteers who came together to help save their team.

The Brown Bears survival is very beneficial for the Fairbanks Ice Dogs as well. Currently, when teams come up to Alaska to play they play both the Ice Dogs and the Brown Bears, and the teams split the travel cost. Without the Brown Bears, the travel cost would fall solely on the Ice Dogs, which could have created huge problems for the team.

The fans and community came through and did their part and raised the money to help save the Brown Bears, and now the NAHL Board of Governors are behind the team as well.

The Brown Bears have already sold over 300 season tickets in preparation of next year, and it looks like their fans will be able to use them.