Belts handed out at 'Solid as Rock Fighting Championships'

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Mixed Martial Art fighters and boxers descended upon the Carlson Center on Saturday night. The main event had two heavyweight boxers go toe-to-toe while some others made quick work of their opponent.

Dillon Warner came into the night after scoring his debut victory last time around, and he took on Zachariah “The Unicorn” Levi for the heavyweight boxing title belt. Warner knocked down Levi twice to close out the night. The crowd erupted when Warner knocked down Levi with a blow to the left side of his face.

“I was real tired,” said Warner after closing out the fight against “The Unicorn”. “I definitely didn't have the cardio. I thought I did. Definitely got gassed. Kind of got gassed said screw it, let's brawl and go for the knockout and get it done.”

The other main co-event was between John Dixon and Lane Nichols. Dixon took down Nichols with choke hold, but not before knocking him down with a shot to the face. Dixon won in his debut fight, and did so in the main event. He ignited the crowd on numerous occasions as they cheered for the home town kid.

"I played a lot of hockey competing in front of a lot of people. That was a completely different feeling. Different then training, different than just anything. It was awesome and I hope to be back."

Solid as a Rock Fighting Championships Card:

1. Dillon Warner [TKO] over Zachariah “The Unicorn” Levi

2. John Dixon [Sub.] over Lane Nichols

3. Jordan Davis [Throw in the Towel] over Dillon Titus

4. Andrew Lawrence [Split Dec.] over Patrick Keyser

5. Scott McAfee [Uni. Dec.] over David Booker

6. Josh Terry [Sub.] over Vince Monzulla

7. Miles Williams vs. Ernie Titus [Draw]

8. Mark Sweeten [Uni. Dec.] over Salvador Mendoza

9. Gavin Plunk [Uni. Dec.] over Joe Fleming

10. Aaron Akin [By DQ] over Kaleb Montez

11. Vinny Capitini [Sub.] over Damian Petrie

12. Jason “The Flash” Love [TKO] over Jacob Ellanna