BEYOND THE SCOREBOARD: We catch up with Alex Van Whye on the Monroe Catholic Rams

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In this week's Beyond the Scoreboard, we caught up with Alex Van Whye as the big guy and the Monroe Catholic Rams had their first game of the season.

Earlier on Beyond the Scoreboard we met Alex Van Whye, and his journey to learn how to skate and help the Monroe Catholic Rams field a hockey team.

"Well I figured how to stop and that's the big thing. But just learning how to handle the puck and to just skate around and turn faster and skate faster and get lower and just the fundamentals,” said Van Whye.

Alex credits his teammates for helping him progress on the ice.

"All my teammates have been really helpful and the ones who haven't played a super long time have all given me tips and tricks on how to just get better," said Van Whye.

For Van Whye, he is enjoying the process of connecting with his new teammates.

"Like I said, it's a lot of new people and over the past few weeks I got to know them a lot better and it's just fun to be out here and be here with them. And be able to cheer them on and just have fun with them. It's really fun, I don't know, like if you asked me two years ago if I would be on the bench for a Monroe hockey game I would say definitely not it's just a lot of fun. I'm just looking forward to playing more and getting more time on the ice to be out there and support my teammates," said Van Whye.