BEYOND THE SCOREBOARD: Alex Van Whye learns how to skate to help the Monroe Catholic hockey program field a team

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In this week's Beyond the Scoreboard, we get to meet Alex Van Whye and see how he is helping the Monroe Catholic Rams hockey program.
A program that is the defending state champs, but faced a shortage of players heading into the new season.
Insert Van Whye, a former football player who is learning to skate, so Monroe can field a team.
"Well I was thinking in years past, but I wasn't sure if I would be any help, cause they had, what three state championships. Wasn't sure if they needed anybody else, but they started losing players, and my friend Aiden told me that they're going to need people, and so I just decided it might be a good idea just to help out," said Van Whye.
Many words can describe Van Whye on what he is doing to help the program out, from gentle giant to soft spoken. Van Whye spent most of his high school career battling on the front lines, opening holes for players like Josh Gray. But first he has to grasp skating on the ice.
"It's going, still got to work out stopping. But, it's going a lot better. It's different, but it's not entirely different than skating rather than running," said Van Whye.
The defending state champs will have a new rival on the horizon, when they have to play against the North Pole Patriots, who join the Aurora Conference this year. But for now, it's getting on the ice and bonding with his new teammates.
"It's really nice to be a part of something other than football, kind of new experiences, new people. It's fun because it's a lot of people that I know, some people from football and just some new kids that I have never talked to in school, team now," said Van Whye.
The former offensive lineman is helping a team that are champions, that have been to the top of the high school level.
But his contributions keeps their title dreams alive.
Alex and the Monroe Catholic Rams open their season on the 14th of November, when they face the Hutchison Hawks on the Patty Ice at 6:45 PM.