Aurora Conference football awards out

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The 2019 Aurora Conference football awards were released this week, with the Eielson Ravens and the Monroe Catholic Rams getting recognition.

We start with the Dirty Birds, who received 12 honors highlighted by Will McManus being named the Aurora Conference Offensive Player of the Year. Other players recognized on the list were Payton DeVaughn, Zoltan Holmly, Caleb Gum, Connor Hottinger and Tyler Moore.

For Monroe, they had 11 honors led by Harley Morris who was named the Lineman of the Year. The Rams had Garren Nicholson, Jordan Higbee, Mason Muramoto and Xavier Siania-Rojas on the list as well.

Aurora Conference Awards:

Offensive Player of the Year: FB Will McManus (Eielson)
Defensive Player of the Year: ILB L'Jun Dias (Barrow)
Lineman of the Year: DL Harley Morris (Monroe)
Assistant Coach of the Year: Andrew Downing (Barrow)
Coach of the Year: Chris Battle (Barrow)

1st Team Offense:

Eielson: (QB) Payton DeVaughn, (FB) Will McManus, (TE/KR/PR) Zoltan Holmly, (OG) Caleb Gum
Monroe: (WR/K) Jordan Higbee, (LS) Mason Muramoto

1st Team Defense:

Eielson: (OLB) Zoltan Holmly, (ILB) Payton DeVaughn
Monroe: (P) Jordan Higbee

2nd Team Offense:

Eielson: (OG) Braden Grorud
Monroe: (HB) Garren Nicholson, (OG) Mason Muramoto, (C) Harley Morris

2nd Team Defense:

Eielson: (DL) Connor Hottinger, (UP) Tyler Moore
Monroe: (ILB) Garren Nicholson, (DB) Jordan Higbee, (DL) Harley Morris

Honorable Mention Offense:

Eielson: (C) Connor Hottinger

Honorable Mention Defense:

Monroe: (ILB) Xavier Siana-Rojas, (DB) Ryan Robinson

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