Alaska Nanooks name Sterling Steward as the next AD

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The wait is over, after 218 days the Alaska Nanooks have announced who will be the athletic director, naming Sterling Steward as the captain of their ship.
Both Vice Chancellor and Public Relations Director Marmian Grimes introduced Steward, who will be taking the position in October, when he comes in on the 8th.
Steward served as the AD at Savannah State, helping the university raise funds across multiple fronts, competing with schools like the University of Georgia.
Steward spoke about his friends and family's reaction from his exodus to the Great North.
"That was difficult. Not telling them that I am considering Alaska, their response. Everyone would say the same thing, I mean literally it seemed like they rehearsed it. Alaska, I'm like yeah Alaska. Alaska? I'm like, yes Alaska. Alaska? I mean being from the Lower 48, particularly down South you really don't get to the scope of Alaska," said Steward.