Accola and Dykes are off to Softball Breakthrough Series through MLB

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Two Interior high school softball players were invited to a special camp by MLB.
Both Jaelynn Accola and Janice Dykes will represent the state of Alaska down in Kansas City, Missouri for the Softball Breakthrough Series.​
Only 60 players from the U.S., Canada and Peurto Rico, as they get lessons from softball legends like Jennie Finch and Natasha Watley.​
Accola is a part of the Lathrop Malemutes and Dykes is with the North Pole Patriots, and both spoke about the opportunity to join this camp.
"So my comp coach, our comp coach came up to us and said that she wanted to put us in for this drawing, cause 60 girls out of the country got selected for this. So that's how we started to learn about this, and they didn't give us a lot of information about it but just, hey you're coming to Missouri and we're playing ball. So it was really cool to be selected for it out of all the girls in the whole country. So yeah we're going down to Missouri to play ball," said Accola.
"I'm really excited. I feel like being from Alaska that we don't get that opportunity a lot so knowing that we were able to make it to that level and now we're going it feels really good and just being going down there I'm really excited to see what we can bring," said Dykes.
The camp is set to start this Memorial Day Weekend.