Football Preview Between Monroe Catholic Rams and Seward Seahawks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Monroe Catholic Rams will face the Seward Seahawks in Week 1, as the two Division III foes will battle it out once again.
The Rams come into the Week 1 matchup against the Seahawks with both squads on high alert.
Last year when these teams played, the Rams squeaked out a 7-6 victory thanks to a goal line stand and Josh Gray's rushing ability.
The Rams start their season on the road, as they will look to serve this trip as way to find their groove and gel as a team.
Now let's look at the key players in this matchup.
For the Rams it will be the tandem of Quarterback Trae Puryear and Running back Josh Gray.
Puryear will have this season to find his targets, as he has shown to have the arm strength to find the open receivers down the field.
For Gray, they will be utilizing him more in the back field to give Puryear more time in the pocket.
Gray will also see more touches as the team will try to control the clock more.
Now for the keys of the game.
First, the Monroe Catholic Rams need to protect Puryear at all costs.
Last season showed what happened when their Q-B was hit a lot, as injuries began to pile up and leaving the team to use a wildcat system.
Second, Josh Gray needs to set the tempo early on.
Gray is the heart and soul of the Rams, leading on offense and defense.
If Gray can get the team to rally around him, then the Rams have a shot to grab an early lead.
And lastly, the Rams O-line need to open up holes.
If the line can hold form, then the Rams can implement their offense.
This matchup is down in Seward this Saturday.