2018 WEIO Schedule

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Today marks the 58th annual World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, as athletes come to Fairbanks to compete in the Carlson Center.
Here is the schedule for the events going on.
Today in the morning was the preliminaries for the four man carry and the one hand reach.
Then there was the finals for the scissor broad jump, kneel jump and the race of the torch.
Then tonight will be the opening ceremony starting at 6 PM.
There will be the march of the dance contestants, athletes and Miss WEIO.
The preliminaries for the women's blanket toss will also be taking place.
At 7:30 PM, the finals will begin for the one hand reach, the fish cutting contest and the four man carry.
At the same time is the Miss WEIO Cultural Pageant that will have a talent show in the Pioneer Room.
Then on Thursday, the events ramp up early on.
We start with the Eskimo stick pull finals at 10 AM.
Then at noon, the Alaskan high kick preliminaries will start.
At 1 PM, there will be the Native Baby Regalia Contest in the Pioneer Room.
And lastly for the day events, it will be the greased pole walk finals at 1:30 PM.
In the evening match-ups, we will have the Alaskan high kick finals and the blanket toss men's preliminaries will be at 6 PM.
And at 7:30 PM, we have the Miss WEIO Cultural Impromptu Speeches and the Muktuk Eating Contest.
Then on Friday, we have the Indian stick pull finals at 10 AM.
Next is the Drop the Bomb qualifiers at 11 AM.
Then at noon, we have the two foot high kick preliminaries.
Then at 1 PM, there will be both the Native Regalia Contest and the Ear Pull finals.
In the evening, the two foot high kick, the women's blanket toss, the seal skinning contest and the drop the bomb finals will conclude at 6 PM.
Also at 6 will be the Coronation of the 2018 Miss WEIO.
Then for the final day of the Olympics, we start with the swing kick finals at 10 AM.
Then at 11, we have the one foot high kick preliminaries.
At 1 PM, the head pull finals are set to start.
Next at 2:30, we have the ear weight qualifier.
And for the final evening events, we have the one foot high kick finals at 6 PM.
Also at 6, there is the men's blanket toss, ear weight and knuckle hop finals.
And then we will have the closing of the games Saturday night.