12 Nanooks Named as Scholar Athletes

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Over the weekend, the Great Northwest Athletic Conference announced that 12 Alaska Nanooks have been selected for the Faculty Athletic Representative Scholar Athlete award for the past sports season.
These athletes had to maintain a 3.85 GPA or better during the school year.
For the female student athletes, we start with Alex Bergholtz.
The Kenai native finished at 3.86 while racing for the cross country team.
Next is Abby Blackstone from the swimming program.
Blackstone who is from Eagle River finished with a 3.97 GPA.
Then we have Hannah Dueling from the cross country skiing program.
The Canadian finished with a 3.93.
Sage Robine from the same program brought home the grades.
The skier from British Columbia earned a perfect 4.0.
And once again from the skiing program, Kati Roivas received the award.
The skier from Liperi, Finland finished at 3.94.
Kylie Wallace, a Petersburg native from the women's basketball program clocked in at a 3.93 GPA.
The last two female athletes come from the volleyball program.
Lahra Weber from Germany finished at 3.96.
And Cate Whiting from South Dakota reported a 3.97 GPA.
Now we look at the male athletes.
The first three come from the cross country program.
Josiah Alverts from Palmer finished with a 3.87.
Arnaud Guyon from France had a 3.89 GPA.
And Lyon Kopsack from Palmer.
He clocked in a perfect 4.0.
And lastly Anton Martinsson from the ice hockey program.
This man from Sweden finished with a 3.89 GPA.