In this week’s Beyond the Scoreboard we look at the safety in hockey and how athletic trainers are helping teams out

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In this week's Beyond the Scoreboard we look at the Safety in Hockey Campaign that is aiming to improve the safety in hockey, and the Pack team is part of this initiative.
Ice hockey, much like most sports run the risk of injuries.
Whether it is hitting the boards or taking bumps from other athletes, players can sustain concussions, head and neck injuries.
And like the Heads Up program for football, hockey has its own system known as Alaska Athletic Trainers' Association in the 49th state.
They sponsored the 2019 Safety in Hockey Campaign, and for head trainer Lauren Fox, she is excited to be a part of the Pack Hockey program.
"It's really cool, hockey has always been my favorite sport growing up so it's neat to be able to work with them and help them, but if they are injured we can get them back on the ice quickly and safely as possible. It's nice to know that we have come that far and sort of that level with all the other sports. Definitely my favorite part about it, especially when someone does get injured, being able to get them back on the ice and seeing them so happy to be out there is the best part of it," said Fox.
The campaign is represented by a sticker that is placed on the helmet for these players, aiming to improve and bring awareness to overall safety on the ice and across all sports.
The goal of the initiative is to educate, and that safety in athletics begins with having an athletic trainer.
And for Head Coach Warren Moore, he explains that having an athletic trainer helps the game and the players.
"It's really nice to have an athletic trainer with us, someone who's professional all the time. In the old days it was the coach running out on to the ice if a player is hurt and sometimes if you are lucky you got someone who is medically trained it might be ok. But now we know that someone is out there and they are properly trained. And that is good for us and the kids. It's perfect cause you know that it is a voice you can trust and it takes all the pressure off, we don't have to make calls anymore and hand it off to an athletic trainer and they can take care of it for us," said Moore.
The Pack program is just one of many hockey teams that have joined the Safety in Hockey Campaign.
In total, there are 11 schools that are part of this cause and on them are from the Interior.