Young comments on national emergency declaration

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - President Trump recently announced that he was declaring a national emergency regarding security on the southern border, and Congressman Don Young says that while he wants border control, he does not want to see money taken from the military.

"I'm not really excited about his national emergency because of the effect on the military and there will be a lot of push back on that because we're very much involved in the military," said Young.

Young says there will probably be action from congress to make sure the money is not taken out of the military and that because of Alaska's location to possible threats in the pacific, he doesn't want to see money redirected to the border. "If a regression was to take place, we don't know, I'd rather be prepared, than not prepared, it's very important we do not spend the money on building barriers to the border, we need a secure border, but we ought to fund it, do it, get it over with, instead of arguing about it," said Young.

Young also commented on how partisanship is affecting the U.S. Congress. "It's very difficult, because when I first went back there, the partisanship did not exist, we had republicans, we had democrats, but now because of media and social media, everybody has basically their own little party, and no one is cohesively together, and then who gets the power, the President does, and I don't think that's good for the country, I think it hurts the republic," said Young.

Young said that he believes this for any president, not just President Trump.