Young Man Assaults Trooper

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaska State Troopers arrested a 19 year old man, who they say was high on LSD, after a scuffle with law enforcement required one officer to get stitches.
Thomas Barbin is charged with 2 counts of assault.
According to court documents, officers responded to Farmer's Loop and Constitution On November 3rd after reports that Barbin was jumping into traffic.
An Alaska State Trooper arrived on scene and asked Barbin if he needed help, to which he replied that he was 'tripping on acid'.
The trooper approached Barbin, and Barbin grabbed the officer's arm, eventually wrestling away his flashlight and hitting him across the head.
The officer deployed his taser and, after a short struggle, gained control of Barbin.
The Trooper was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where he was patched up with three stitches due to a laceration from the flashlight strike.