Wind brings smoke from Oregon Lakes fire into Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Smoke rolled into town overnight from the Oregon Lakes Fire.

View of Oregon Lakes Fire activity on 5-30-19 from a rest area along the Richardson Highway

The blaze near Delta Junction has already burned over 29,000 acres -- an unusually large fire for this early in the season. Warm weather over the weekend caused significant growth in the already massive blaze.

The fire started on April 30th in a military impact area, creating a hazard for firefighters due to un-exploded ordinance on the ground.

Changing winds brought smoke into the Fairbanks area, but Beth Ipsen with the BLM Alaska Fire Service says it should blow out of town by tomorrow.

Ipsen said in an interview that, "Fortunately this weekend we have wetting rains forecasted in the area, in the fire area so that will help.”

She said that the fire will burn through the summer and we can expect smoke whenever the winds blow toward Fairbanks.

Ipsen also said that right now crews are focusing on structure protection for any buildings in the fire path but currently no homes are threatened. However, she said the smoke is a good reminder to make sure your home is fire wise.

"Clearing some of the area around your homes, not necessarily cutting down all of the trees, but maybe limbing up, just taking off those low limbs so the fire doesn't have kind of a ladder to go up. And also if you have a wood pile moving it away from your home, we like to have a defensible space within 30 feet within your home," said Ipsen. She added that cleaning your gutters can keep embers from landing in them and catching your home on fire.