Wellness Coalition Program Combats Childhood Trauma

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Wellness Coalition introduced the 'Alaska Resilience Initiative' Program to the community today at the city council chambers.
The program director, Laura Norton-Cruz, shared a little about what the initiative program is, why it exists, and what it does at state level.
The program is a statewide cross- sector initiative that brings together agencies, schools, and other organizations to share in the goals of ending childhood trauma and building resilience.
Afterwards, there was a crowd discussion on what strengths the Fairbanks community has, and what areas need to be focused on in order to help end child maltreatment.
Cruz explained why it's important to meet this goal.

Laura Norton-Cruz; Program Director; Alaska Resilience Initiative>>"What the adheres childhood experience study showed us, both the original one in California and our Alaska data, is that when children experience trauma, it can affect and can increase the risk of behavioral health problems as well as physical health problems later in life. And it is the most significant predictor of most chronic health problems that we see in society. And so if we want to reduce everything from heart disease to suicide we have to prevent adheres childhood experiences, prevent children from experiencing trauma, and also if they have experience it help them heal. And we need to support families to be able to be thriving well."