We spoke with candidates Scott Kawasaki and Kevin McKinley before election results were released

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Before election results were released, we met with two candidates to discuss their thoughts on how their campaign was run in this contentious election season. Scott Kawasaki, who ran against incumbent and president of the Senate, Pete Kelley, says although the race was a tough one, he was serious about the issues he ran on. First time candidate, Kevin McKinley, says he was grateful for the support he received.

"The thing that made this campaign really different, because to run against the Senate President was a very very difficult challenge, and a big undertaking and one I took seriously, so, it's the person who I'm running against that makes it all the different," said Kawasaki.

"You know I just appreciate everybody and talking to them and giving me what they are wanting and looking forward in our campaign. There's just so many people that I want to thank. You know you don't run a campaign by yourself it takes a lot of people. If I started listing names of everybody I'm sure I would forget somebody, honestly I would just like to say thank you to everybody," said McKinley.

Pete Kelly was unable to comment due to an illness.