Division of Elections gets Ready for General Election

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The general election is on November 6, and candidates, voters, and election officials are getting ready.

Although the general election is about a month away, the Division of Elections is already busy.

"This Friday is the day where we will be mailing out all of the materials to the rural village locations, primarily only to those served only by air, we need to allow a week to 10 days for them to get their materials in the mail and be ready for when early voting starts, which is on Monday the 22," said Jeremy Johnson, Region III Election Supervisor, with the Division of Elections.

Johnson says they are also trying to make sure every precinct has enough election workers. Currently there is at least one that does not have enough workers to have an election..

"Last week I sent a letter out to every registered voter in the community saying, hey nobody in your community has stepped up and is able to work, at this moment, there won't be a polling place on election day, if you want to vote you better fill out an application, so we can get a ballot mailed out to you," he said.

Victor Joseph, the Chief and Chairman of the Tanana Chiefs Conference says they have been working with election officials to coordinate election workers in rural villages.

"There are limited resources in our communities. It's a small part-time job, so there are just a lot of factors that I'm not completely aware of, that need to be part of the consideration. However, seeing that, I'm also looking around to not only there, but here in Fairbanks too. We need to engage the younger population into voting and participating in this important process," he said.

Joseph says voting is one of their strategic initiatives because they believe the native vote does matter.

"We need everybody to vote. It doesn't matter what party affiliation you're a part of, it's just get out and vote," he said.

If you are not able to get to a polling place on Election Day, absentee ballot applications will be accepted until 10 days before the election.