Variety of ordinances and resolutions passed at FNSB Assembly meeting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - On Thursday the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly meeting covered a range of ordinances and resolutions ranging from a new emergency service commission, to a resolution supporting two anti-discrimination legislative bills.

Two ordinances were on the agenda to establish a better way to monitor emergency services within the borough. ​

Ordinance 2018-24, which was originally sponsored by former borough Mayor Karl Kassel, would have established a new fire and emergency medical services advisory commission. ​

That ordinance failed unanimously.​

Under Mayor Ward's proposed ordinance, which passed unanimously, the borough adopted a New Regional Emergency Services advisory committee. ​

The new committee will include consultation with the city of Fairbanks, and have a committee chair who would also be on the borough assembly. ​

The assembly voted to require the state legislature to reimburse the Borough for any mandatory exemptions for senior citizens and disabled veterans, instead of removing the exemptions altogether. ​

Another Item for consideration was specifying the minimum amount of Money made available from local sources to the FNSB School district for the 2019-20 fiscal year. ​

Assembly member Lojewski spoke favorably of how the school district approached the assembly regarding fiscal responsibilities.

​"I think it's kind of unfortunate that I have to say this but it's sort of - it's a bittersweet thing. I guess I'm thanking the School District for not abusing the public communication system like it did last year and telling everybody that we didn't approve every dollar that was in the budget, that the sky was gonna fall. And, anyway, I like the approach this year and I really appreciate it,” said Lojewski.

Public comment focused mainly on Resolution 2019-15, which supports
H-B 82 and S-B 82, adding to the powers and duties of the state commission for human rights, and prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. ​

Out of the 12 people who testified, only one person was against supporting the two bills. ​

Assemblyman Matt Cooper said that he agrees with the proposed house and senate bills because, according to Cooper, they are what the original founders of the constitution would have included. ​

Assembly member Marna Sanford had a more emotional response to the resolution.
"I was just so crazy to hear people who identify as Christian using this as a reason to say that this somehow offended them. When Jesus would never have had said those kind of things. Anyway, so I'm just glad that you guys support it because I think it's the right things to do,” Sanford said.

The next regular Borough Assembly meeting will be held on April 25 in the Juanita Helms Administration Center at 907 Terminal St.