Update on Child-on-Child Sexual Assaults on Ft. Wainwright

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We have an update on the story we reported earlier this week, regarding child-on-child sexual assaults at Ft. Wainwright.
There were eight cases in Alaska according to the Associate press. We spoke to the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command and they knew of five cases in Alaska and four on Ft. Wainwright.

These cases involved unwanted sexual contact between two civilians under the age of 18 on an army post. Since civilians do not fall under the uniform code of military justice, these cases are handled differently.

Chris Grey from the Criminal Investigation Command had this statement.
"These cases were either referred to another law enforcement agency for investigation and or our initial check of the system didn't show we received a final outcome of the adjudication, so we could not release the information."

The four cases that happened on Ft. Wainwright occurred between 2009-2015 in the months June and July.
If we get any more information on those cases - we will keep you updated.