Unofficial municipal election results have Matherly in the lead

Last night after hearing the results, Matherly said he feels very confident in the numbers. (Amanda Becker/KTVF)
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The unofficial results of the 2019 municipal election are in after ballots from all the precincts were counted.

For Fairbanks City Mayor:

Jim Matherly – 1720 votes 49.73%

Kathryn Dodge – 1516 votes 43.83%

Lakesha Jordan and Frank Turney received less than 4% of the votes.

Last night after hearing the results, Matherly said he feels very confident in the numbers. “I don’t like to be 100% conclusive at this point, I am so honored at the turn out, the turnout was better than it has been in a long time so for voter turnout I am eternally grateful. The citizens really came out in droves. For everyone that supported me, helped me along the way, for the second term, I could not be more grateful, I feel wonderful,” said Matherly.

There are a maximum potential of 838 absentee and questioned ballots for the City of Fairbanks to still be counted next week. Although, Fairbanks City Clerk Danyielle Snider said often not all of those ballots are returned.

Dodge said she believes in the end, the results will be close one way or another. “I feel like I’m the candidate who is here to bring home the message that every vote truly counts. The Newsminer may have called the race, but there are 479 early absentee and 379 questioned ballots remaining to count. That shouldn’t go unmentioned. One thing I’ve seen in common across the races I’ve run is that Fairbanks is deeply split. My hope is that the people of Fairbanks are able to find a way to come together regardless of the outcome of the election. You don’t have to get elected to make change. Your vote and your action counts, especially here in the golden heart city,” said Dodge.

Both candidates are waiting to hear the official results.

"In 2016, when I was sitting in pretty much this same spot, we knew within a week or so after everything was counted, and I know what people say, how trends go one way or another for these kinds of votes, but for me, I don't like to make any calls, and get over confident, I like to say I'm comfortable, I appreciate the lead, and I feel terrific,” said Matherly.

Current frontrunners from the unofficial results:

Borough Assembly Seat B – Frank Tomaszewski

Borough Assembly Seat C- Mindy O’Neall

Borough Assembly Seat E – Jimi Cash

Borough Assembly Seat I – Matthew Cooper

School Board Seat C – Matthew Sampson

School Board Seat D – Jennifer Luke

Fairbanks City Council Seat C – Valerie Therrien

Fairbanks City Council Seat D – Aaron Gibson

North Pole City Council- Santa Claus and Thomas R. McGhee

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