University/Geist construction nears completion, new crosswalk put into place

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After a long construction season, the University and Geist construction project is finally nearing completion. Drivers can expect a variety of new improvements to the roadways, including a new crosswalk.

The crosswalk will stay dark for the majority of the time, unless a pedestrian needs to get across the road.

Northern Region Information Officer, with the Department of Transportation, Catilin Frye explained what drivers should expect.

“As soon as pedestrian presses the call button or the cross walk button, then the lights behind me are going to start flashing yellow, that means you are going to stop soon, when that yellow light goes steady that means stop if you can. After that both lights will turn red and that means a pedestrian has a walk signal. After its red, steady red it will start flashing red and that means stop and proceed through the intersection after it's clear,” she said.

This crosswalk is replacing a pedestrian bridge that was taken down during construction. Now with wider roads, that bridge is too small to put back.

"This kind of a crosswalk has been shown to stop traffic better than other alternatives out there. There's enough pedestrian traffic crossing the road right here to justify a beefy crosswalk like this one,” Frye added.

This will be the only crosswalk like this in all of Fairbanks. Residents should be aware that this is a required red light and running this red light may result in a traffic ticket.

In addition to this new crosswalk, residents can expect to see widened roads, bigger sidewalks, and left turning pocket lanes heading on to University and the Johansen. The University Avenue project will be completed this Wednesday.