University of Alaska returns to online classes after extended spring break

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) Classes resumed online this week for the University of Alaska system after an extended spring break. For the past two weeks, the three universities in Alaska planned on how to change all classrooms to online in reaction to COVID-19.

“As we restart the spring semester, our university communities, like those throughout our state, now must study, work, live and play differently,” said UA President Jim Johnsen in an email to students, staff and faculty. “These new conditions bring new responsibilities for all of us, and a new way to serve our friends, neighbors and colleagues.”

College life in Alaska has changed drastically over spring break, from the dorms almost completely shutting down to classes being taught entirely online. Students that went home during the break were told to stay.

“Whether that is a blessing or a curse is open to interpretation; however, these interesting times have spurred a truly inspiring level of community throughout our universities,” said Johnsen in his email. “The regents expressed their deep appreciation for all that our students, faculty, and staff are doing to prepare the way ahead.”

With classes starting back up, the University of Alaska Fairbanks prepares for the new normal in how school is run.

"It has been a busy week for faculty and staff and students at the university,” said UAF Chancellor Dan White. “So its great to finally have classes back in session for students to be reconnected with their faculty and to start back at the work of educating students -- even if its remote and new different ways of providing that instruction."

Chancellor White and the UA system are expecting that summer courses will also be run online.

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