University Museum Offers Free Admission to Military Families

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In 2018, all Alaska based active duty service members and their families will receive free admission to the UA Museum of the North thanks to a donation by Wells Fargo.
For the past 15 years, Wells Fargo has been operating its 'Military Appreciation' program.
Recently, this meant helping to provide free admission to the museum for active duty service members.
In the program's first year, the museum had fewer than 3-thousand visitors who identified as active duty military.
In the fourth year, which finished in June, the museum had more than 41-hundred visitors who self-identified as 'Alaska-based active duty military family members' and received free admission to the museum.
For museum leadership, it's all about connecting with the community.
Aelin Allegood; Development Coordinator, UA Museum>>: "In addition to serving out of town guests we very much want to serve our communities and engage in our communities and build relations with our communities, so this a great way to reach out to the community of Ft. Wainwright, of Eielson, and the entire Interior."
Jennifer Imus; Northern Alaska Banking Manager, Wells Fargo>>: "The University of the Alaska Museum of the North has been an amazing partner. They have been very flexible over the years in terms of how we deliver on this program. Five years ago this was the idea of museum leadership to offer free admission, and I think it's just been a wonderful way to make the university museum available."