Unified Command encourages families to create a circle of support

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) The COVID-19 Unified Command team sent out a press release encouraging families to create a circle of support. The Alaskan for Alaska families group produced a worksheet to help families.

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“One of the first questions on many parents’ minds is ‘What will I do with my kids if I get sick?’ And yet, surprisingly, there were no guidance documents on this topic from federal agencies," said Incident Commander Heidi Hedberg with the COVID-19 Unified Command. "So, we did what Alaskans often do. We worked together with partners across to State to make it ourselves, to make it by Alaskans and for Alaskans."

For go-to bags, Unified Command provided some guidelines:

-A written copy of the plan and contact number for each member of the Circle of Support.
-At least a week’s worth of clothing.
-A list of any known allergies and needed medications.
-Comfort items such as a blanket and favorite stuffed animal.
-A contact list with phone numbers and addresses of people the children routinely have regular communications with.

If the support circle doesn't work out, Unified Command stated that Safe Families for Children Alaska are available through phone at 907-277-0925, or email to safefamilies@beaconhillak.com

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