USO Unveils Mobile Efforts Program

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Community members also got to take a look at the USO's mobile efforts at today's grand opening.
With the van, volunteers and staff members can provide the USO experience anywhere.
The vehicle has three TVs on the inside and one on the back, along with two Xboxes and free wi-fi.
The van is stationed at J-BEAR, but has traveled all over the state of Alaska.
Mobile Events Coordinator, Patti Carson, says it's important to try and reach all of those who are enlisted in the armed services.

Patti Carson; USO Mobile Events Coordinator>>"We need to make sure we're reaching as many soldiers and family members as we can and so this is a great opportunity for us to go out to show the families in the military that we are here to support them. If the soldiers are out in the field, I can roll up and the USO can bring them a hot meal. We have so many soldiers here that are not able to touch a USO and so the USO is able to go out to them with this means."