UAF researcher conducts international training on radar remote sensing applications

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska A researcher from the University of Alaska Fairbanks is preparing for an international trip to conduct a training on using radar for natural hazard response.

An image from the earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska late 2018. (Alaska Satellite Facility via Facebook)

Franz Meyer, a remote sensing professor at UAF will be conducting a training in Colombia next week. Meyer and colleagues have been asked to conduct their training across the United States and in multiple regions across the world. Recently, the training has focused on applications for communities and governments.

Last year, they conducted a training in Niger and Nepal, with 45 people traveling from 7 to 8 nations for each training. Meyer says over the past few years they have been supporting countries near the equator, who are facing challenges related to deforestation and food scarcity.

"Around the equator we have the problem also that cloud conditions make other means of observing the planet, like optical sensors and thermal sensors, not very useful so they are particularly interested in radar," said Franz Meyer.

In October, Meyer will be traveling to conduct a training in Ecuador.