UAF launches new program to incorporate National Student African American Brotherhood Organization

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University Of Alaska Fairbanks has launched a program to incorporate the National Student African American Brotherhood Organization to the University. The Nanook Brotherhood Project is being led by Vice Chancellor for student Affairs Keith Champagne.

UAF has chosen to establish an SAAB Brother to Brother Chapter also known as B2B, and open it to students of all ethnic backgrounds. The aim is to improve the educational outcomes for the students at UAF and to collaborate with UAF staff and academic departments to support men of color on campus.

Raymundo Lopez spoke about how the support of the brotherhood is pushing students to succeed.

"Men from different ethnic backgrounds, whether they were Alaska Native, Hispanic, Latino, or Black, African-American, group up together, you know, everyone comes from a different culture, but if you bring so much diversity into one room, you'd be able to lift each other up so that we could possibly encourage each other, professionally, academically, socially, so that together as a group we could kind of achieve academic success," he said.