UAF Students Help the Food Bank this Holiday Season

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Turkey, stuffing and gravy - we all love holiday foods this time of year.
But for some, it isn't always possible to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.
Julia Laude took a trip to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank to meet some of the volunteers helping to make holiday wishes come true.

While it may be the season for pumpkin spice lattes, it's also time for helping hands and every week students from UAF are doing just that.

Heidi Shepard; Program Coordinator>>"We decided to implement, every Friday, taking whichever students who wanted to join us to the Food Bank for a few hours."

Laura Barber; Volunteer>>"It's a lot of fun and you help people so it's really a good combination."

The Student Leadership and Involvement Office helps provide students with these volunteering opportunities.
Students who do take advantage of these Food Bank Fridays, can work toward graduating with leadership honors, but Coordinator Heidi Shepard says it's more than that.

Heidi Shepard; Program Coordinator>>"Community, a sense of community. I think that UAF and the Fairbanks community are really tied close together and I like students that come to campus as Freshmen from outside of the Fairbanks community so I really enjoy when we get to bring students out and show them that UAF's great but so is Fairbanks in whole and we really take care of each other."

It may look busy in the Fairbanks Community Food Bank's warehouse today but starting next week every day, between 70 and 100 volunteers are going to be here in the warehouse helping to put Thanksgiving together.

CEO of the Food Bank, Anne Weaver says she loves seeing residents getting involved during the holiday season.

Anne Weaver; CEO - Fairbanks Community Food Bank>>"The thing I love so much is, all year long I get to see this amazing community, at the holidays we see it even more and we really need this time. So thank you to every single person that participates. If you're the person that gave one can and one box, that meant something to the person who received it. If you gave 10,000 dollars, that meant something to the people who received it, so know that your gift is enough and I'm so thankful to have this community."

Reporting from the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, this is Julia Laude.

Those in need this Thanksgiving can visit First Presbyterian Church on 7th Avenue between 9 AM and 4 PM; and if you're in North Pole, head over to the Lord of Light Lutheran Church on Saint Nicholas Drive from noon to 2 PM.
These locations will be open on Wednesday the 22nd to pick up food boxes.