UAF Hosts Arctic Research Open House

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska The University of Alaska Fairbanks held an 'Arctic Research Open House' to open their doors to the public and display their research. Seventeen different research facilities showcased the work they do with exhibits like 3D-printing, robotics and virtual reality.

Participants got to engage with different activities, like drawing their name with a 3D printing pen. Peter Webley with the Center for Intellectual property and Commercialization works to encourage practical application of U-A-F research in the commercial sector.

"We do a lot of research here and we have a lot of academic knowledge developed at the university, there's the potential that we might be able to solve solutions that companies and community members might have. So this research that we've developed, we can take that and spin that out into the commercial sector," said Webley.

UAF hopes to hold an Arctic Research Open House annually.