UAF Engineering Building Will Open In September

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The University of Alaska Fairbanks' engineering building has officially set a release date for when the building will be open to the public.

The engineering building is scheduled to open in September during the fall semester of 2017.
However, the first several classes at the new facility will not start until the spring semester of 2018.
The Alaska Center for Energy and Power will be moving in first before any other future moves of classroom or office space begin.
Construction was halted in 2015 due to the declining of funds from the Legislature.
It wasn't until September 2016 that the UA Board of Regents approved funding for the remaining construction of the building.
Construction resumed again that same month.

"Were going to be sustainably complete with construction at the end of September. That means that most of the construction and activities will be done, will be into a testing of balancing mode at that point for the next couple of months. When the first occupants will probably move in mid to late November and classes will be first held in January of 2018. Were really excited to see the students come back here in September and see the progress that we've made in the facility. It will start to be opened up you know during the fall. They'll be able to explore some hallways and places like that and soon as we get our certificate of occupancy, probably in the November range, they'll be able to explore even more of the facility."