UA Museum Hosting Live-Action Painting As Part Of Polar Bear Exhibit

Beginning Monday at the UA Museum of the North, Todd Sherman, the Dean of the UAF College of Liberal Arts, will be constructing a live action painting project displaying polar bears.

The Museum of the North asked Sherman before-hand to create this polar bear landscape so that visitors can experience a visualization of polar bears.

The live action painting is in conjunction with the museum's "Polar Passion" exhibit.

According to Sherman, he will be working on his project three days a week, two to three hours a day.

Sherman says he is hoping to complete his live painting project within three weeks.

"The way I work is I start out with many different roughs. So today I got a rough pinned up on the canvas and I'll begin to draw the general shapes of the polar bears and some of the...they'll be sitting on icebergs in the cold artic sea. And I'll rough those in and I'll begin painting probably this afternoon and will have some works or have the work completed probably in two or three weeks if I don't get interrupted."