Two interior representatives named to leadership in House Majority

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's a little over a third of the regular session, and the Alaska State House has at last finalized its leadership team - with two members being from the interior. As we announced yesterday, Bryce Edgmon - who recently changed his affiliation from democrat to undeclared - was reelected as Speaker of the house. Today, Fairbanks Representative Steve Thompson, a republican, was named the majority leader.
Anchorage Representative Chuck Kopp will be the house rules chair.
The House Finance Committee will be co-chaired this session, by Democratic representative Neal Foster of Nome, and Republican representative Tammie Wilson of North Pole.The 15- member G-O-P minority caucus leader is Lance Pruitt of Anchorage.
Pruitt spoke about the two newly formed caucuses.

"You know, me, personally, it was difficult yesterday, watched a few of my friends that decided to join a different caucus. I don't see that in a way where, we won't have a relationship, we won't be able to work on what's right for Alaska," said Pruitt.